Frustrante: NO soportado en Office365


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No todo es oro lo que reluce en Office365. La idea de tener Exchange y SharePoint todo online sin necesidad de matener hardware es muy buena idea, y cada vez más, los departamentos de IT vamos usando herramientas en la nube, pero no siempre tenemos las herramientas que esperamos.

Uno de los grandes problemas que estoy encontrando con Office365 es que hay muchas funcionalidades “capadas” o que no se soportan. Se supone que cuando contratas Exchange Online o SharePoint Online tienes todas, o casi todas las funcionalidades del mismo Exchange o SharePoint on-premise, pero no es así. Cada vez me encuentro más funcionalidades que necesito y que no se soportan en Office365.

Si Microsoft publicase una web en donde pusieran todas las características que no se soportan en Office365, seguro que muchos se pensarían 2 veces si migrar a la nube. Esperando que algún día, Microsoft decida publicar una web…

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Get the daily forecast in your console, with PowerShell


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Today I saw a post on reddit about scraping a webpage for weather information. Reading over the comments, I had an idea, and I quickly looked away wanting to try this myself before seeing what someone else posted.

If you don’t care about how this is done, skip to the bottom for the code, here is a preview of the finished product:


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CRM 2011 Integration with SharePoint: Taking a Deeper Look


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One of the best new additions to CRM 2011 is tight integration with SharePoint 2010 for storing documents.  In the past when using v3 or v4, CRM Projects have been forced to develop custom code to integrate CRM with SharePoint, but now the standard CRM functionality allows the two products to be integrated and easily configured in the CRM 2011 settings area.

Following the CTP and release of 2011 at the beginning of this year, many great articles have been written and posted on the web to provide step-by-step guides for connecting CRM to SharePoint using this functionality:

However as with many areas of ‘out-of-the-box’ functionality the default integration is limited in certain ways.  This article aims to take a deeper look at this integration between CRM 2011 and SharePoint to examine how the integration works ‘under the hood’; with the aim of understanding how CRM 2011 has…

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Dynamics CRM & SharePoint Integration Overview



Para comenzar: MOSS y CRM de la mano

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Dynamics CRM & SharePoint


In October 2014 I will be giving a talk to the Geneva SharePoint User Group about the integration options between Dynamics CRM and everyone’s favourite document management repository.  It’s a rich subject with a lot of blog posts, Microsoft white papers and general articles and so here is a condensed version if you’re looking for a quick overview of the fundamentals of integrating the two – both the “out of the box” features and the possibilities for extending the functionality with custom code.

I have included a list of references at the end to draw them in to one place and my material for the presentation (including a PowerPoint overview) is available on OneDrive here: –


First a word about the versions of SharePoint that are compatible with CRM: –

Dynamics CRM 2011 Dynamics CRM 2013
  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • SharePoint Server 2010 Online
  • SharePoint Server 2007
  • SharePoint Server 2007…

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Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V – vNICs and VMs lose connectivity at random


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UPDATE (2/5/2014): I spoke too soon (should’ve known better).  The patch below, although it seems to help, DOES NOT fix the guest vNIC disconnect issue.  We have had two machines in particular go offline (off the network).  The issue IS resolved by live migrating the machines to a new host but this is not an acceptable alternative.

My suggestion…look to other hypervisors for your production environments until MS has retooled R2 to work as intended.  Xen and VMware I know work and have for some time now.

After two long month and hours upon hours of frustration dealing with this issue it appears Microsoft has finally issued a hotfix (KB2913659) that resolves the behavior.

The issue we were having is well documented in several blog posts (blog1blog2).  Some of our VM guests would intermittently lose network connectivity through the parent hosts virtual switch.  Most of the…

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Windows Server 2012 (R2): Integrar Lenguajes y Teclados en el DVD o ISO


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Los que somos de habla española solemos tener dudas o problemas con el idioma del sistema operativo servidor a instalar

En general los que de alguna forma conocemos inglés preferimos instalarlo en este idioma ya que muchas veces las traducciones no son como deberían ser, a veces por los diferentes modismos en el mundo de habla hispánica, y además porque las versiones localizadas suelen tener “bugs” propios, los he sufrido

Pero también hay personas que no comprenden inglés, y esto hay que contemplarlo también, o inclusive en algunos países hay reglamentaciones legales o internas de la empresa que obligan a ponerlo en idioma nativo

¿Qué nos conviene entonces? Pues lo mejor de ambos mundos: tener los dos y poder optar en cualquier momento por uno u otro

Podemos instalar, por ejemplo, en inglés, y luego agregar el español, como lo he demostrado en “Windows Server 2012: Cambiar Idioma”…

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