Second Live y Second Live GRID

What is the difference between Second Life and the Second Life Grid?
Second Life is the showcase virtual world WHERE end users can create an infinite variety of content and participate in a robust virtual economy, free of traditional social and technological restrictions. The Second Life Grid is WHAT makes Second Life possible: a service platform that provides scalable server infrastructure, highly detailed and configurable features, field-proven customer service tools, and a massive existing base of end users and user-created content that can be leveraged in your own virtual world offering.

Main Features of the Second Life Grid

Scalable Servers
Over 10,000 processor cores provide the infrastructure for the virtural platform, which is designed to scale incrementally to provide service for millions of users.

Field-Proven Customer Service Tools
Virtual land estates are managed with a system of tools for messaging, monitoring, and reporting that have been developed and refined over 4 years of live operation.

Robust Virtual Transactions
The Second Life Grid supports over US$1 million worth of transactions in virtual items every day.

Global Audience
People from over two hundred different countries regularly use The Second Life Grid.

Positive Network Effects
Hundreds of millions of objects filling tens of terabytes enrich The Second Life Grid with unique, creative content that your organization can leverage in its own virtual world experience.

Expert Solution Providers
Over one hundred independent enterprises with more than one thousand employees, offer solutions to help your organization develop its products, services and experiences on the Second Life Grid.



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